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Graphic Design and Desktop Publishing

Logo and Graphic Design

Every business or corporation has an identity and certain image it would like to project. The most fundamental and crucial element in the creation of that identity is the use of logo graphics and color schemes. People establish visual
memory of company to distinguish that business or product from other. A good example is CBS's, logo of a continuously

Letterheads, envelopes and business cards are functional tools for identifying necessary information of names, addresses, telephone numbers, telex and fax numbers, E-mail and web site addresses. With a new logo we can then the color scheme and paper stock that work best together for a complete stationary package that will reflect your company's image successfully. We suggest that you choose a high quality paper and to keep the cost reasonable, use standard size stationary.watching eye. Think for a moment what comes to your mind when you see certain colors, shapes and letters.

Logos can be design the of letters, shapes or images. During the conceptualization process, we carefully consider how your logo will define your company.


Desktop Publishing

The term "desktop publishing" refers to the layout of text, graphics and photo images which are organized together to create a brochures, newsletters, invitations, posters, menus, etc.

The term "illustration" generally refers to the creation of a customer's logo, custom graphics for business cards, brochures, packaging designs, etc. Illustration is a very broad term used for the design of any graphic or image that is created in digital or traditional form.




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